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Privacy Policy (draft 24th May 2018)

Privacy Policy and GDPR

With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) on 25th May 2018, organisations have a legal duty to state what personal data they store and how they use that data and to allow people to opt out of marketing and communications e-mails.


The Tiger Owners Club is an on-line based community organisation and consists of two distinct web sites: www.tigerownersclub.co.uk and the on-line forum at forums.tigerownersclub.co.uk.

Please see below for details of the information we may store about you.


Web site at www.tigerownersclub.co.uk

The website at www.tigerownersclub.co.uk collects personally identifiable information including your device’s Internet address, known as the IP address and the web browser identification tag.  This information is stored on our web site hosting provider and is used for the generation of web site statistics.  These statistics assist us in understanding our visitor usage patterns (peak times of day, days of week etc.) and where on our website they visit.

The raw log file data is only stored for as long as is required for our hosting provider to generate the appropriate statistics.

The generated statistics contain no personally identifiable information and are consolidated from the raw log file data.


Forum at forums.tigerownersclub.co.uk

The forum at forums.tigerownersclub.co.uk is a hosted solution operated by Website Toolbox, Inc.  Their privacy policy is available from https://www.websitetoolbox.com/privacy

In order to operate successfully, the forum software requires a validated e-mail address.  The forum software uses this to:
Validate your account
Deliver password resets
Deliver alerts and notifications (digest data, new subscribed posts)

You can opt out of these requests at any time by logging in to your forum account and changing your preferences.

Other optional information may be requested, such as your full name and instant messaging identifier.  This is optional and may be displayed within your forum profile for other registered users to contact you or provide relevant responses to questions raised.  This information can be directly edited from within your forum profile.

Any other personal data you share via posts or private messages is at your discretion.

Should you require any posts editing, deleting, or your forum account removing, please login to your forum account and send a private message to TOC_Admin with the appropriate request, which will then be actioned at our earliest opportunity.


E-mail communications

E-mails sent to the forum administrator address are stored for as long as is required to attend to your query.  Once a query has been dealt with, all sent and received e-mails in relation to that query are deleted from the mailbox.  There is no backup of that mailbox storing the e-mails addresses and/or content indefinitely.


Forum donations

Records of donations towards the forum running costs are stored in an accounting spreadsheet along with your forum username.  This is required for auditability purposes should we be requested to validate where payments have come from.

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