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Tiger GTA Build
Looking very nice.

Do the fuel pressure regulators work okay inverted?
Well find out when it comes time to run it! Don't see why not a the pressure is only spring controlled from what I can see
Bit more progress, just one replacement handbrake cable inner and the rear is pretty much done and dusted apart from wiring, decided to route the rear extinguisher tubing down the outside of the chassis as it is easier than taking down the transmission tunnel and will be hidden by the passenger side pod. Should have the from finished next week so it will hopefully be on wheels and steering by next weekend. Also did a test fit of the Ford T5 and although tight I think we can make it fit. Also fitted the carbon side panelling on the passenger side.

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Latest progress

The steel camber adjusters in the top wishbones were binding so lapped them in using coarse then fine valve lapping paste, very very labourious, by hand to begin with then with the 24v impact gun to finish them off, they spin nicely by hand now but with no slop.

got our replacement wilwood handbrake cable today after my recent cock up cutting through both the inner and outer on one side when trimmin to length, all fitted ok but the standard willwood supplied balance bar lasted about 3 pulls before snappin so will have to get a beefer one turned up.

We decided to cover the drivers side panels with high temperature resistant ali to help reflect some of the heat from the exhaust that will now run down the drivers side, also had to remove our token impact protection frame on that side, luckily i managed to pick up a rattle can of silver paint that was near as dammit an exact match so once touched up you could never tell it was there. the ali comes in tape form and is specifically made for high temp applications with an HT adhesive.

Have run into an issue with the new rally design top hats for the steering arms, it turns out our uprights even though supplied by rally design are in fact raceleda units which use a cortina track rod end and the new arms supplied have been redesigned to use escort, anyone need a nearly new pair of track rod ends?

Bottom wishbones are now painted and fitted and apart from the track rod end issue and a couple of 18 X 1.5mm locknuts for the top transit drag link the front end is ready to roll so hopefully she will be on her wheels at the weekend for a temporary body fit to work out where to place the ecu, datalogger etc and to make a cardboard template of the ali box that will need to go on the top of the crossmember that the seatbelt mounts go into.
[Image: IMG_00406.jpg]
Crap day on Saturday as we found out that due to a measurement snafu the rear plat with all the fuelling gear on stuck out 15mm too far and stopped the body fitting properly, out with the grinder and had to remove it in total and resite all the pumps filters etc either side of the tank, also had to take 20mm out of the back of the reverse light recess, at least the body fits ok now and the fuelling system move wasnt nearly as painful as we feared.
This week has gone well though, got both sides panelled in carbon, covered the drivers side panels in hioght temp foil as they will be right next to the exhaust, got the back end totally butted up including the wiring, just need to fit multiplugs and 2 brake hose ends and thats it. Got the front end finally finished thanks to the arrival of Qty 2 18mm fine pitch lock nuts for the top drag links (our didint come with any) and then today......

[Image: IMG_00425.jpg]

Wide track wishbones are errr just about right for the GTA body...

[Image: IMG_00431.jpg]

Then thought we would load tewst the cage............:-)

[Image: IMG_00428.jpg]
looking good Mac........think my money is safe - April 2014?
Cheeky sod, were hoping to have all the lights working today!
Thats looking good, how is the project coming on?
Slowly, the rear wqiring is done and we are now having the adpter plate machined to join the volvo bellhousing to the Cossie gearbox, we will then be able to get the drive line in and start on fabriczting engine and gearbox mounts.
Slow but steady, got the adapter plate machined to join the Cosworth T5 box to the volvo bellhousing and the blank for the custome dry sump pan went to the machine shop last week. With any luck we should have the engine and box joined together this weekend and slung in so we can start fabricating engine mounts and gearbox mounts. We have ordered new big end and mains shells, the ones in the motor look ok but it would be a false economy not to change them whilst we can. New main cap stretch bolts are on order from Sweden. Also ordered a cambelt kit and new water pump. We will be machining off the impeller of the new water pump as we will be using an EWP. We have also removed the internals of the oil pump as we are going dry sump. Flywheel is on order with TTV and we have the hydraulic clutch kit ready to fit once the engine and box mounts are done and the box has gone off for a rebuild.
Rear lights all work now and the wiring is slowly moving forward. As you can see there is a lot going on!