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Tiger GTA Build
First panel fitted today. Floor panels are a vaccuum bagged carbon /kevlar / foam compisite and is very very light but also very very stiff and hopefully the kevlar will impart the puncture resistance we are aiming for.

As we are going fully flat bottomed we have decided to using 2 or 3mm ali for the panel under the engine though for added protection.

Pics here
Have settled on a laminate layup formula for the underfloor panels we thought wed share the results, 2 X 275gsm 2X2 twill carbon layers either side of a 3mm pvc foam core. the final panels will also have 2 X layers of kevlar road side of the laminate for puncture resistance
i was thinking of flat flooring using carbon Mods foam filled carbon/ fibre glass panels so i will be interested to see how you get on, inparticular cooling. when i say flat flooring i was thinking of leaving the fins of the raceline sump sticking out. is your completely enclosed?

Looks great Mac. Have you weighed any of the panels to see how they compare to Ali?

The final layup for the floor panels which will be the heaviest weight about 4/5 of the weight of 1.2mm ali plate which is what we would probably have used as a minimum and probably more likely 1.5mm. Other advantages are that its far more rigid and also looks to be more resistant to impact if we had done that to ally it would have dented easily.
That said its been a far but a good learning experience, cutting kevlar cloth is a total pain, resorted to being cheap scissors from the pound isle and throwing at least a pair a day in the bin!
All said and done the weight saving won't be that great as we have gone balls to the wall on the 2 plates under the engine and used 3mm ali plate so that as well as flat flooring it will act as a skid plate, our engine is dry dumped and the belt driven pump has always looked very vulnerable. the only part that we will have poking beneath the floor will be the bottom flange of the bell housing by about 10mm.
Were hoping cooling won't be an issue because of the extra room under the bonnet and the air path from the engine bay down both sill mouldings, we still expect to have to shroud the radiator in though to maximise the airflow through the rad.

Have just uploaded more pics of the panelling here:
Pot noodle?!!!
I'm thinking about cooling as well, as I am trying to flat floor mine as much as possible (with the raceline wet sump). I was considering blocking off the rear ends of the side pods because of heat hitting the rear tyres, especially on the exhaust side!
i was thinking the opposite on the exhaust side and hoping the airflow through the side pod would cool the exhaust. The only other option would be to block them up but my thinking was they would act like a couple of side pod shaped parachutes?

Pot noodle was a momentary aberration, hadnt had one in years, probably decades, bought one and remembered why!
Tis a tricky one. Guess we wont really know what the issues will be until we start driving it.... The grey demonstrator had the whole bottom of the sidepod cut out where the exhaust was, but I don't really want to do that if possible.