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Cat E1 Duratec Conversion
Well as some of you already know I have been inspired by Pete to make the conversion from Pinto to Duratec.
Now my plan was to do a very simular job to Pete with the bike TB's etc but due to a bit of a result I ended up with an engine with a complete Webber Alpha setup, Gear box, bell housing and many of the other bit needed for the job.
I am going to try and keep a reasonably good diary but don't expect anything as in depth as Pete's was.

My plan is (as I have 2 engines) is to use the one that had the complete kit as my first engine and get this in a running then look to work on the other one this one is in.

I already have in my list of bit's:
engine, flywheel, clutch, bell housing With all bearing etc), gearbox, TB's and ECU, oil filer extender, EGR blanking plate, Thermostat housing, altinator and pullys. I ahve already bought the Tiger manifold and engine mounts.

So for day 1 I desided to strip off the sump (as I need to get the Racline one) and get the cam cover off. I also trial fitted the altinator and pulley and the TB's just to get a fell for how it will al go together.

the engine looks quite clean inside, my next plan is to get the timing checked and trial fit all the other items I have then get cleaing and building propper.

here are a couple of pic to get things going:

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Good work, keep us updated Smile
Good luck Trevor, will watch this with great interest. That complete Weber kit was a bit of a result, not to mention the bell housing etc......

Well an exiting day today as I now have a nice Raceline sump. I have also ordered a timing tool set so hopefully I can have some fun this weekend.

I have also desided (rightly or wrongly only time will tell) to use the gearbox that came with the engine, I have had a quick look over it and it seems to be in good condition so I will be setting to it with some degreaser and a jet wash and see how it comes up, then to start bolting the bellhousing etc to it.

Oh here is a pic of the Webbers in possition (couldn't help myself Big Grin)

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Looks nice. Is the red tube across the top (nearer to the head) vacuum take off?
I do belive it is. there's a hose that goes to the side of the block just below the inlet.
Looking again at your photos the hose looks like it goes to the oil separator on the side of the block. This has a vacuum activated PCV valve but most people modify this to remove the valve. On my set up I took the cam cover outlet and this outlet to a catch tank and avoided feeding it into the inlet (usual story do this to avoid mucking up the mixer in the inlet on tuned engines) - guess you have it this way on the Pinto.
Trevor, I assume you have the manual from the website. Think all the plumbing should be in there.
I haven't gone through the manual fully yet but it I was told it was a runing engine. I hope to get some more time on things tomorrow so I will have a closer look at what is going on with the hoses etc. I have only put them on just to get an idea of size etc so I can start to work out how (if) it will all fit under the bonnet
Only a small amount of time this weekend but I managed to get the gearbox cleaned up and get the bell housing put on.

The one big thing that I did get done was to make a mock up of the engine bay so that I can do all the trial fits of the engine without having having to remove the Pinto until the last minute.
The initial trial seemed to indicate that there should be plenty of room but I'm sure that the room will soon get used up.

A few more pics:

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