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Duratec and Mazda MX5 gearbox
Hi Guys

So I looking through options for a Type 9 gearbox (For a Zetec). When I got directed on to MX5 (Phase 2) gearboxes.

I was wondering why this subject to my knowledge has never popped up on this forum.

From what I have read the MX5 gearbox is a perfect fit for the Duratec because the engine is a Mazda design made under license by Ford.

In addition the gearbox is rated at 300BHP, if has multiple layshafts which help it manage the power, improves gear changes etc. The bell housing is integrated and the body is all alloy so its light weight. Lastly apparently they are available for as little as £60.

Negatives, The gearbox from the early version is not compatible, not sure on the width but it looks fairly skinny and lastly the propshaft may need to be specialy made.

Is there anyone contempting a Duratec build with a MX5 gearbox, has anyone already looked at this and found it will not work?

Point B. As Duratecs can be a bit expensive, would a Mazda engine be a lower cost option?
I think the early mx5 mazda engines (mk1/2) are pretty easy to add turbo/charger power to. I'm not too sure how much duratecs go for but mx5 engines must be cheap as chips. Factor in for the charger and I'm guessing £1000 for 200hp knowing that the engine could be easily replaced.

I know MEV uses the mx5 as a donor. I would have thought that the mx5 lump might have made it into more kit cars.

if I'm reading the figures correctly the Mazda version squeezes out a little bit more power and torque due to a high compression. So for cheap Duratec upgrade read Mazda

The MX5 from 2006 onwards uses this engine with an inline gearbox.

There are also lots of forum threads on the subject. So it has been done.
Hi Bob
If your looking for a 2.0 duratec engine i would have a look at the high port head engines which you will find on some of the fiesta st150 cars , mine came out of a 2005 car, they work well with some high lift cams and a pair of 45s. one bloke i met at blyton track had one in a westfield running a st150 with jenvey throttle body's and bigger cams ,rolling roaded 204bhp he came with a Friend using a hyabusa in a westfield , performance wise nothing between them. when you fit a duratec in any kit car the standard fly wheel is a right lump so most people fit the much lighter st 150 one they are about £40 pound , the fly wheel matches up to the escort rs turbo pressure plate , have a look at this link , regards john.
I'm pretty certain the Mazda has the engine slanted by some degrees which would cause space issues in the Tiger.
Hi Adds

Not an expert on the Mazda myself hence the posting. But from what I have found out on the internet the Mazda L engines are the same as the Ford Duratec. Although it is possible the sump has been changed.

The gearbox is rated at 300BHP and the engine is a Duratec but with a few more bhp at the get go.

But this is only for cars from 2007 or after. A quick look on Ebay and the engines are £1000 plus and the gearboxes 400. So not a cheap alternative.

Off Subject now:
That said the earlier engine gearbox package are dirt cheap but would require more work to install in a Tiger. However as an upgrade from a Pinto it may be worth it. The standard air intake is on the side so it may also be possible to use that and the throttle body.

Our Tiger Supercat has the Mazda 2ltr MZR Duratec engine which fits no problem. The gearbox is a type 9 at the moment, I don't expect the gearbox will last long so have been looking at either the 5 or 6 speed later Mazda gearboxes. The 6 speed will not fit due to size but the 5 speed should fit ok.
From what I've read and after quite a few conversations with people that know, the later Mazda boxes are all but bullet proof. They are currently used in the V6 morgans with run more torque than ours without any failures.
In regards to the engine if you use the 2ltr or 2.3 from a 2006 onwards Mazda 6 or MX-5 then everything will bolt up.
The MZR Mazda engine is a great engine and I would use one over a Ford derived Duratec any day of the week.
We have a very mild set of cams from here throttle boddies and produce a respectable 220bhp with no internal modifications whatsoever.

Hope this helps
Quote:Originally posted by Fcck2000
Originally posted by simonrh
I thought they were all the same but for a few minor differences to suit the given installation?

All of them are alloy block and head?

This might be of interest if you are thinking about going MZR

Careful with this - it relates to the USA engines which are a different specification, including a lower compression ratio to the UK variants.

The UK 2.0 duratec fitted to Fords and Mazdas are identical in every respect internally. They are both 10.8:1 compression and use the same rods, cams, pistons, block etc. The sumps are different for FWD/RWD variant. The difference in power is as a result of minor intake manifold changes and ECU mapping.

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