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Kai's Track day at Castle Combe
Hi gang
Had a good day today at Combe. Weather held up and the track was dry.
My Super Six was great - easily on the pace with my pals from Hondas on Track and Lotus on Track. Worked on different suspension settings and settled on what I felt worked best.
Only two small things held me back from going quicker. One is a small oil leak at the front of the head and the other was a loud rubbing noise during hard cornering which sounds like the prop shaft rubbing on the tunnel/chassis. Anyone else had this?
Will get photos and a vid up once I get technology working
Hi Kai,

Glad to hear that you had good fun in your car.

For the noise issue it might be worth looking to see if the original support bar has been removed for the remote gear linkage has been removed on your Super 6.

If the car has been re-fitted at a later stage with the better remote gear change you will find that the back edge of the gear change will catch on the bar during hard cornering which gives the impression that its the prop shaft.

I had the some thing on friends car when taking it over to Tiger Racing for a MOT but when checking under the car there was no sign of the prop hitting anywhere.

Paul quickly spotted the problem.....

Thanks Gazza. Will have a look this week. Link to vid of first session is here
Hi Kai,

Some good video footage from Castle Combe.

I like the circuit as it is very quick but dont get there very much as it is so far away from where I live.

Yeah it's a great circuit but maybe a bit too fast for the Tiger as its flat in 3rd and 4th pretty much everywhere. Good fun though.
Another little bid from second session - this time with a passenger. Amazing how much slower the car feels with 2 on board !
You can clearly hear the nasty rubbing noise on fast right handers which needs further investigation.
The rubbing noise turned out to be the nuts which connect the prop shaft to the rear axle/diff. They were making contact on the chassis rail underneath and to the right of the transmission tunnel. Nothing too major but needs sorting before the next track day. May look at cutting and re-enforcing the support bar or using the panhard to to move the rear axle across by enough to prevent it touching in high g corners.
Hi Kai,

Thanks for posting up the videos. I've just bought myself a super six and I'll be taking on Castle Combe in the next couple of months. Learned from watching your laps...