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Tiger R6 kit delivered yesterday ( 9th July 16)
catman Wrote:You don't need a heater, that's what the engine is for LOL, seriously the car will warm quite a lot from the engine being inchs from your legs. Welcome to the site Ed

Could not agree with that more! Have a Tiger R6 running a 2.0 Zetec.

It chucks out a ton of heat - legs very warm even when its around 6 deg c. Infact 'leg heating' (cooking) is a bit of an issue in warm weather and slow moving traffic.

When the weather is cold - i tend to put the doors on to keep the wind down - and wear a decent northface jacket and beanie hat... job done. You dont need anything else....

Good luck with the build - will be happy to send some photos of teh car if you need support...
Richard thanks for the offer of help, may need it! Finding the lack of info on the panelling a bit frustrating at present. But finding my way through - I think!
Posted separately about what is and isn't acceptable for the IVA - any input you can offer would be useful
Thanks & regards

Paul, today's dum questions:
I am about to start installing the fuel lines prior to the De Dion. I have reviewed the Alpha Performance manual and the following questions have cropped up.
1) They say the fuel line from the tank to the pump needs to be 12mm but I seem to have only 8mm in the kit?
2) what is the best location for the pump (and filter) The pump,needs to be gravity fed - so presumably below the tank?
3) on the Alpha fake circuit diagram there is a "fuel pressure regulator" in the return line to the tank. What does this look like and where should it be located? Presumably by the engine as it needs to be connected to the inlet manifold as well?
4) in the kit with the pipe fittings there is a small red coloured unit with a pipe fitting each end (about the size of a cotton reel) What is that and where does it go?

Thanks again
1) 8mm is fine - my injection pump has a 12mm inlet and 8mm outlet.

2) The filter and pump both need to be below the base level of the tank - I would recommend you fit the rear components, even if only temporarily, to ascertain the best location for these.

3) The fuel pressure regulator will look something like the picture below. This should be located as close to the end of the fuel rail as possible. The connection from the end of the rail goes into the side entry. The return to the tank into the bottom and the top entry is left open to the atmosphere.

[Image: WFR535_thumb.jpg]

On my Cat, I fed the supply into the rear most throttle body, then from the front, the fuel line loops around and the FPR sits underneath the throttle bodies using the bracket attached to the chassis rail.

4) If you can post a picture it may help identify what it is - if you have trouble posting a picture, just e-mail it to me
No.4 will be the fuel tank vent valve.