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Knebworth Classic Car Show - Monday 28/8/17
Did anyone go to this event - I'm particularly intetested to hear from someone in a black V8 engined Tiger (I think) car who accelerated hard at the exit and threw stones up all over the front of my car immediately behind? What a twat.
:-) the OP never said he was a Tiger owner - I'm guessing he's a hacked off 911 owner :-)
Your car sounds fantastic. Currently I have a Caterham for weekends (was in that at knebworth ) and a 911 Turbo as daily driver.

I've owned a C63, your car really must be great fun! Maybe a project for me in the future!
I Note that the OP says "I think". So you`re not sure it was a Tiger? Having been around the Tiger make for 12 years and a regular attendee at shows and events all over I have never seen or heard of a V8 engined Tiger. The chassis was never really intended to take a V8. I`m not saying it isn`t possible to do but it is extremely unlikely it was a Tiger kit. I`d say you are looking in the wrong place and should consider other makes that do take a V8 lump (there are several) unless you are referring to a Sunbeam Tiger which does have a V8 but that of course is a completely different car altogether......very nice though!