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Track Days
Anyone using their Tiger for track days? I'm going to my first at Anglesey Race Track on the 4th Feb. Would be good to meet a following member at one of the track days!
Hi Andy,

Start the day slowly and build up to reducing your lap times it is also worth taking advantage of Tuition offered by the track day organisation.

If it is Opentrack there is no charge for tuition.

Check tyre pressures and fluid levels before going out on track.

Tyres will get hot much quicker than on the road so check them each time before going out and reset them to the cold setting to stop the pressure going too high.

Other things to look out is brake pads as basic road pads will start to fad and loose their effectiveness as you go faster.

You can either upgrade to Ferodo DS2500 from Tiger Racing for a recommendation or you can fit Fast Road - Hawk Pads which you can get from Cambridge Motorsport.

The type / make of pads will depend on the calipers you have fitted to your car.

Check the damper setting before going out on track to confirm that the front pair are set the same and the rears are also on the same settings so they are matched as pairs.

Dont be afraid to change the dampers if the car under steers or over steers or soften them if it rains as this allows the car to move around more in the wet.

Lastly you will use a lot more fuel than on the road even when driving quickly so be prepared to refuel your car and dont put too much in the tank as its more weight to drag around and will also have a effect on the car as it is all at the rear of the car.

Fueling the car for 15 - 20 min on track means that both you and the car get a chance to cool down.

Hope this helps...

All very useful advice although might have been more useful if it hadn't been given 1 day AFTER the track day :-)