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Stoneleigh Show
Hi all,

Does anyone know if we are still in the same location as previous years?

Looking at the site map and show guide the stand is now 59G.

It looks like it was a typo as it's now fixed in the guide. We're on 51A which is the same place as always between the main hall (Hall 1) and the "Grand Ring"
Thanks for that, I would have been parked up all on my own.

How many members are going to the show? Was thinking of going tomorrow - last minute idea and will need to plan fuel stops on the way lol!
It looks highly likely that I'll be allowing my scruffy little bugger the chance to meet up with its siblings at Stoneleigh tomorrow (Sunday). Presumably, one just turns up following the signs for 'Kit Car & Camping entrance' (off the B4113), pick up a show guide and drive straight up to 'Area 51'(?)

That's what I'll be doing...on the usual site, 51, after shepherding 4 Westies from the North West. Well..someone has to help the poor souls...
There were a good turnout of Tiger's today in the Owners Club area, spilling over onto the road.

It's a few years since I've been, but I thought the show itself was disappointing. Nothing really new was there and it was the same old Cobra's, Sevens and few oddballs.

Rather than Ferrari replica body kits based on MR2's, the new trend seems to be Porsche body kits to make your (expensive) Porsche look like a more expensive version. This just seems to be a grown up version of a Corsa that has crashed into Halfords!

I'm also glad I'm not building right now as the auto jumble was a big disappointment, with relatively few parts sellers, more were selling tools or "tat" than parts.

In previous years, there have also been lots of people asking about the build, what I'd done and why. This year, a handful of people looked around the car, but only one person actually spoke to me and asked about an aspect of the build.

Unfortunately, it's probably a sign of the times, that less builders means less manufacturers and less need for parts jumbles.
I've only been to the show once and that was last year. I thought that there was a good representation of the cars available, parts and tools to be had but I can't compare it with “yesteryear”.

Is it true that there are fewer Kit Car builders now than in days of yore?

Regards, Navigiter.
I don't have any particular statistics to back it up, but we've gone from several big shows a year around the country to just one pure kit car show at Stoneleigh and a "mixed bag" show in Kent, "Kent's Kit, Custom and American Car Show" in July. This can only indicate a downturn in the market as the numbers just aren't there to justify running the others.

With regards to Stoneleigh, the TOC pitch used to be about twice the size it was and we also used to "take over" the opposite side of the road on the grass outside the Grand Ring where the fun fair was this year.

I've been involved in running the forum since 2000. Just looking at the posts here, the majority now are from people undertaking upgrades to their cars, or completed cars they have bought and want to put their own stamp on. Yes, there are still some new builders, just perceptively not to the levels of a few years ago.
For me, part of the problem is the cost of kits now - I have had 2 tigers in the past, built a Super 6 and then effectively re-built an Avon. I have now got an Elise and am thimking of building again as my son is now old enought to do it with me. The problem is, I look at the cost of a Tiger R6 etc and there close to the price of a Caterham. For me, I'd rather build the Caterham that will hold it's money much better. Somehow, since building my Super 6 in 2004, over the last 14-yrs the prices of a Tiger have doubled!!