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Midlands Meetup September 9th
I have found a "Offerton Lane Local Nature Reserve" on AA maps - I assume there must be a carpark there, would this be a good place to meet? Time wise I was thinking of getting there around 7.30 as I think about an hour on to Shelsley Walsh so be there for 8.30? Martin
Not that I'm saying I'll be there (me and Sunday morning early rising are strange bedfellows!), but a possible meeting point could be the Tesco superstore at Warndon (Mill Wood Drive) as it's only a couple of minutes from J6 of the M5. Whilst it doesn't open until 10 a.m. on Sundays, there are 'pay-at-pump' facilities in the service station should a fuel top-up be required.

Incidentally, I don't think the Offerton Lane Nature Reserve actually has a car park!

TigerTigs has suggested the Sixways Stadium off Warriers Way, Hindip, WR3 8ZE which is only just off the A449 junction 6 of the M5. Suites me as gives me both the A46 and M5 option from Grantham so will aim to be there for 8.30 on Sunday 9th weather and Tiger permitting. Being new to the forum should I start another discussion with these details to you think incase is of interest to others? Martin.
We could always do doughnuts in the car park at six ways....... Wink
Not sure Worcester Rugby Club would allow you to do doughnuts in the car park. Better to wait and have tea & toast at Shelsley!

Parking at Sixways might possibly be an issue. Sunday 9th isn't a match day (Warriors are away to Sale) but there can be other events and car-boots on and you may get directed into car parks with barriers or (Tiger sump unfriendly) speed bumps. As a standby, or possible alternative, there is the westbound truck parking layby three quarters of a mile along the A449 from the J6 island. This is the road you would be using for the onward journey to Shelsley anyway.

Incidentally, from J6 to Shelsley is about 17 miles. The only filling station actually 'en route' is at Great Witley which is 13 miles from J6.

This is harder than I thought. What about the David Lloyd Car Park off Pershore Lane? it is still off the J9 roundabout and at that time should be empty else I am sure we could meet on the road outside, stlll 8.30?
Just checked the David Lloyd's web site, looks like barried entry HOWEVER Google maps show as Sixways Park and Ride car park postcode Worcester WR3 8ZE which looks good and is still just off Junction 6 off 5 (apologies not 9, must be upside down dyslexic) - shall we try this?