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Autosport International
Hi all,

Anyone going to Autosport International? Still plenty of tickets left for the live action arena so it works out as good value with 2 shows (motorsport, tuning) and also the action show.

I'll be heading for the trade stands too to see what bargains are on offer.
Went last year, the arena is the best bit with lots of noise and tyre squeling also try to get into the pits.My oldest lad was there representing Auto Grass in his Class 7 mini with twin busa's till he had a knock. This year he is on a static stand and it is freshly finished in black with all the graphics on and CA98, worth a look.
I'll look out for it!
I'm heading down sunday. Went two years ago with my (then 7yr old) and had a great day. Looking forward to going back
[Image: 49938066_960058181049220_242983479803904...e=5CC7D6A6]
The Mini is bonkers. Awesome build.
Quite a beast, you should see it in action especially with my son driving it. He can really drive. At the start line they rear up as they launch forward. and the noise from the twin Busa's !!!