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Autosolo in 2019
Hi all,

I wondered if anyone here campaigns a Tiger in MSA-approved Autosolo's (sorry "Motorsport UK"-approved autosolo's)?

I have been doing solos for over 5 years now.

Why you should do it
Hilarious fun, good way to test the car, good way to test your skill behind the wheel, great way to meet like-minded individuals, improves your driving prowess, allows you to find and exceed the limits of your car/driving in a safe environment.

What is autosolo?
It is a competitive motorsport event designed to promote amateur motorsport.
Courses are laid out to Motorsport-UK regulations and must be on sealed surfaces (aka tarmac). The direction of travel is "all forwards" whereas an autotest can use reverse gear too.
The aim is to drive from A to B in a short time as possible following 4 prescribed courses during the day. The courses are laid out using cones in a large car park, airfield or MOD barracks. Each course can last around 1 minute and you rarely go over 60mph, but 60mph sideways is plenty for most :-)
Timing can be done via stopwatch or Tag Heur to 1/100th second.

Drivers also take turns marshaling, resting and sometimes timing others.

What car to use
Cats, Westies, Tigers and the like are usually in the kit car class but generally take the overall win too being full of power and light of weight.
Car needs an MOT, tax and to be driven to the event (so road-legal and insured basically). Although your road insurance probably wont cover you if you hit a cone at 60mph or spin off and hit a cow while competing.

Any road-going car, daily driver, show car or weekend toy is eligible so long as road-legal.
I have seen Defenders, Zafira's, Volvo estates and Yaris' compete - but they don't generally win of course. MX5's win - a lot. Cars with LSD also win although an open diff works just fine too.

How do you get involved?
All you need is to be a member of a Motorsport UK approved club (lots around the country) which is typically £15 for the year, and pay the entry fee in advance of the event which is typically £35-50.

How many events are there?
Down south there is around 10 solos within in a year near to you (approximately). There is even local club championships and regional championships with a trophy, respect and glory on offer.
The season generally runs from March to Oct generally.

What damage can you expect?
Car wear is generally kept to rear tyres and maybe a scratch from a cone that "ran out in front of you".

How do I find a local motorsport club?
Find a Motorsport UK-approved motorsport club in your area:

Give me a shout if you want to know more about autosolos or joining your local motorsport club,
More detail on autosolo from Farnborough District Motor Club (aka FDMC):
FDMC are/were MSA's "club of the year".

This shows a video of the action too.
After meany years away from owning a kit car I have taken the plunge again and recently purchased another Cat, I was a member of FDMC about 15 years ago with my previous Cat.

I was thinking about doing some form of auto tests and or track days this year, Autosolo's sounds like a good starting point.

Currently still sorting out a few problems with the cat, purchased the cat with an oil leak, still running a pinto engine, would like to upgrade to a zetec in the future.

Many thanks