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750mc Sports Specials
It’s been some time since we had the car on track but we’re gearing up to do a few races with 750mc this year and trying to get the car ready to be semi competitive (hopefully).

Is anyone planning on racing in 2019 or have any tips having raced in sports specials before?

There was also a useful fastest lap post that Mr Q put up a few years back that would be a great comparison with the 750mc fastest lap page to see where a car that used to run in the open class (Zetec with a bit of work) would sit in the field..... can anyone point me in the direction of that post as I can’t seem to find it?

Looking forward to a few good battles this year! ?
Hi RSAvon,

I am hoping to be back out on track again this year racing with the 750 club and Mag 7 series with the Classic Sports Car Club.

This is the home page for the 750 club - - Sports Specials -

This the link for the lap records with the Sports Specials -

Hopefully see you out on track.


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