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Stoneleigh Show to be rescheduled
I was just looking on and there is a message saying the Stoneleigh show is to be rescheduled due to Covid-19. I have been expecting this to happen.
Massive shame, i had tickets to this.
I can't see it being rescheduled any time soon.
Looks like most of the classic car shows will be off too. ?
Just read on another forum that Stoneleigh`s rescheduled dates are Sat 29th Aug & Sun 30th Aug. Fingers crossed!
Yeah... fingers and toes crossed!!!
Crossing fingers & toes didn`t work. I`ve just read that the Stoneleigh show rescheduled for end of August has also been cancelled now. Shame.
Cancelled for this year i believe.
CKC magazine this month suggests Stoneleigh is looking likely for August Bank Holiday weekend. Over which 2 days is still to be decided. 3rd time lucky?
Website now saying Saturday 28th / Sunday 29th August! First year I'll have the car road legal and I can't bloomin make it!
So is anyone going to Stoneleigh this year?

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Yep, taking the GTA...