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Tiger super six
Made a little bracket up to hold the Speeduino ECU, due to space limitations I wanted to mount it above the the Tiger loom and towards the rear of the car to give me clearance from the scuttle, all the wiring is now complete I kept the Speeduino/injection system as seperate system,

Little mount bracket made from scrap steel.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4811] [Image: attachment.php?aid=4812]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=4813]

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Tiger Super6 4AGE throttle bodies, Speeduino
Well a few things have happened lately main one been she is now road legal, still tuning to do, but 90% there, The ITBs are a bit on the small side so she is suffocating at higher rpms, The current ones are 32mm but I get 36mm ones which are a straight bolt on and will give me quite a bit more up top.
Tiger Super6 4AGE throttle bodies, Speeduino
Tiger Super6 4AGE throttle bodies, Speeduino
Now got some 36mm ITBs and she runs well I would say as quick as the dellorto's but runs clean through out the rev range, starts well from hot or cold without having to touch the throttle.

I had a bit of shock though decided to do a nut/bolt check so car was up in the air and I happened to spin one of the wheels and discovered I have a bend wheel, so this got me looking out of the 5 wheels the car came with 3 are bent. the bend is in the spokes one of them has 3mm runout, and they can not be fixed. the wheels themselves so no signs of damage ( one has been repainted) I have owned 100s of cars and even more wheels and I have never had wheels that were the center was twisted to barrel and these Smiths wheels are fairly stout.

So has the car been in some bad crash, ( I dont think so no signs of chassis damage and all orig body work and suspension mounts look square and no signs of repair).

So are the wheels secondhand of something else (they are 2 years older than the reg) are they made from chocolate. guess I will never know.

However the car drives straight steers equal left and right etc.....

Anyways picked up some new to me wheels, which was not that easy, had to be 15" (as have 4 brand new Toyo's) 7 to 8 inch wide and the hard part was finding the right Offset.

Found some wheels they need some cosmetic work but they where the right price, they are so much lighter than the Smiths with a the tyre fitted they are lighter than the smith without a tyre. Car feels so much nimble on the road and not as crashy
Tiger Super6 4AGE throttle bodies, Speeduino
Well today was the first time in my ownership I got to enjoy the Super6 and not work on it, did a 100mile round trip of mixed driving and she behaved beautifully, tiny flat spot on a slight throttle opening but she really spent much time on a light throttle LOL.

starts from cold without touching the throttle and idles spot on, mapped some nice pops and burbles on overun. Even saw another kitcar owner out on my run.
Tiger Super6 4AGE throttle bodies, Speeduino
Not updated my build thread for some time, not been a great deal to report other than just enjoying the car, racked up quite a few miles and making plans for the winter updates.

Main update is to make a new trans tunnel, the supersix has a fibreglass tunnel upper so not a issue modifying it, as you will be well aware the Super6 is not spoilt with cabin width, only 15inches of hip space, I reckon with a tunnel reshape and handbrake relocate so its more central I think I can get 16.5 to 17inch of hip space aside, which should make the car abit more user friendly.

the other update is to give her a bit more ummph she is running circa 140bhp and she does scoot along and the 8k rev limit is addictive  but a few more ponies would be nice so its either rework the current engine or do a power plant swap.

I did do a wheel swap a few months back due to having bent alloys (not from me) and the new to me wheels where some what rough so many hours later they are a bit more presentable.


Post clean still got the toy bolts to put in

And the engine i am thinking about dropping in, sadly not the B204 just a B205 but she is quite low mileage and was in my personal car mapped to 270bhp, I am planning on keeping the Type9 gearbox, omega gearbox would be a better option but with keeping the type9 everything from the bulkhead back over can stay the same.

downside is the koln axle and type9 are not known for their high power capability, so i am gambling on the fact the car is less than half the weight of the donor cars they should hopefully stay together. failing that its a Atlas axle upgrade and a omega box.

to couple the saab lump to the type I have a Vauxhall XE to type9 bellhousing (bolted to saab eng in pics).

the next big hurdle is height, the saab is a tall old motor, a DIY sump was always on the cards so hopefully it should squeeze under the bonnet, really want to try and avoid cutting big holes in the bodywork. then the next question is do I run standalone ECU (which I currently am) or do I use the saab t7 system which I have as well.
Then the joys of fitting intercoolers (might go water to air) and oil coolers etc...

as can be seen from the pics she is a big lump. but for over 500bhp per ton she will make for a fun drive.
Tiger Super6 4AGE throttle bodies, Speeduino
(22-10-2020, 01:38 AM)Eddie78 Wrote:
vji4058 Wrote:Been through the process of side wind deflectors. Made several, each one a bit larger, some like elephant ears. Found the wind always crept round the end where ever it was. Would need to be past your ears to work. Ended up making new doors with Lexan tops that end just past my head/ears and work fine.

Do you have any pictures of the doors you made

Thank You

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Cosmetic re-vamp is under way, nose and bonnet wrapped in burnt orange, sides and rear to follow wheel arches are staying in black.

The orig gel coat was looking tired and dull, my friend owed me a favour or two so I cashed them and he has started to work his magic.

Tiger Super6 4AGE throttle bodies, Speeduino
Love the colour, top job .
Rear end now has been wrapped and I cutout a new "Tiger" for the rear and nose. still got the scuttle to wrap and then design some graphics for the sides

Tiger Super6 4AGE throttle bodies, Speeduino