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Tiger super six
Not so much as a build thread more of an improvement/put right thread.

Recently became the owner/saviour of a Tiger Super Six. Powered by 4age with 45 delorttos.

First few hours of ownership where eventful due do breaking down as I ran out of electricity. However the 100miles I had driven it told me I had made the right decision and give me a list of jobs.

Initial impressions where this thing wants to leave the road everytime it saw a bump.

The car itself was cheap as it had engine issues and the owner had been told it needed a rebuild due to compression issues etc.....

Well engine issues are well zero. Running issues where down to carbs not sure who had been twisting on the screws but they should have the screwdriver removed from them. Idle speed was 1500rpm only on 2 cylinders due to bank 1 carbs the butterflys where shut fully and the bank 2 was that far open it was running at 1500rpm. Idle mixture screws pick a number of turns for each one and be done. One was 1/2 turn out another was 7turns out etc.... So got the carbs dialed in and she runs like a clock absolutely faultless,

Next problem she was running hot and lots of bubbles in the header tank. This was because the cooling system was plumbed up wrong and was effectively bypassing the rad, and cavitation causing bubbles so rerouted correctly temps are spot on no bubbles etc...

Cooling fan was wired up wrong polarity so was pushing air out of the nose cone.

No handling wise was interesting to say the least, the rear axle was 2inches of center due to badly adjusted panard, one rear shock was set to full damping and the other min damping, tyre pressures all round where 32psi. Front end drivers side had full posi camber and the pass side was full neg camber and about 5 miles of toe out, so now this are all reset she drives so so much better.

Total cost so far zero.

As far as charging is concerned the alternator is good the adjuster bracket is snapped so bugger all tension on the belt.
Tiger Super6 4AGE throttle bodies, Speeduino
Great result ?
It's one of those cars it has a great foundations to be good but unfortunately has had monkeys working on it, they guy a bought it of had entrusted garages to do various work on it and they basically screwed it up. It's really not hard to make sure both front wheels are pointing in the same direction. And the rear axle is square to the chassis. To fair if they cannot make sure the cooling is blowing in the right direction you have no chance.
Tiger Super6 4AGE throttle bodies, Speeduino
I really need to sort some pictures out.

Well did a bit more spanner twisting on the car today, well it was either work on the Tiger or welding up a rotten transit and I really could not face welding up a crunchy transit.

Alternator is all sorted now, the reason for the none charging was a broken/rubbish adjuster bracket on the alternator, not sure who put the bracket on but reckon it was on since the 4age was installed but it was a very poor design and suprised it worked for so long, it was at a acute angle and with multiple pivot points was very Heath Robinson, so remade the bracket so it actually works, I am no engineer but if it looks right you have a fighting chance, even treated it to a new belt as the old one was fairly polished.

Decided to have a proper look at the front suspension and service brakes etc.... and really glad I did, as I had said before the camber was a country mile out full pos on one side full neg on the opposite side.

Not sure who is responsible either the previous owner or the garage but they should of been shot. it has had a load of new fasteners in the front suspension which is nice but every bolt/nut was far from tight, nipped at best which is bad enough but every bolt was that short in length they did not protrude into the nylon on the nyloc nuts. so barely tight nuts with no locking method, That would be fun at speed.

The 2 bolts that hold the VW upright to the upper ball joint are just normal bolts not the eccentric washer type not huge deal just makes camber adjustment a bit more fiddly. but then spotted they have used the eccentric washer bolts to hold the shocker top mounts.

Its really basic engineering principles make sure the bolts are the correct length, i have always worked on the priciple of you need atleast half the diameter of the bolt protruding beyond the nut.

Bought the car knowing it was a rolling project and always knew by the nature of it been a kit car there will be things i would need to rework, either because its badly done or personal preference. but the likes of the front suspension I find annoying and scary that sort of stuff gets people killed and there is no excuse.
Tiger Super6 4AGE throttle bodies, Speeduino
I trying my best to be good and actually take some photos of the car and work.

This is 2 hours into my Tiger ownership and the BP garage that was to become my home for the next 4 hours.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=4593]

Did a little headlight upgrade china specials.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4594]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=4595]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=4596]

Photo of the scary bolt n nut combo holding my front suspension on as you can see the bolt has not engaged the nyloc.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=4597]

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Tiger Super6 4AGE throttle bodies, Speeduino
Nice looking car, not so nice looking bolt and nut combo!!!

Love the look of the car, once sorted it will be great fun.

I am a big fan of the Toyota 4AGE engin , back in the early 1990's the corolla GT's were my weapon of choice, I had 3 AE82,s (FWD) and an AE86 (RWD) all great cars.
Wish I still had the RWD.....

Good luck with the rebuild / recommissioning, will look forward to meeting up and seeing the cars in the flesh once this 'situation' has passed.

Not a great deal done. Been busy welding up rotten transit vans (thankfully not mine)

Got a few road miles on it, used it for a couple of days to travel to work. and discovered to things that need addressing.

First one been I need to make some wind deflectors for the side of the windscreen to stop that icey blast.

And the second one is to address the cooling system, when I first got the car it was running hot all the time and air bubbles in the header this was down to the cooling circuit not been properly plumbed up and was scavaging air from the top of the header tank in to head now it is properly plumbed the bubbles have stopped nice even temps across the engine etc.....

The engine was fitted by RAW back in 2001 and for whatever reason they did not fit the thermostat housing (remote one) I have read about other seven type cars with a RAW conversion and they did not have the thermostat either.

So now the cooling system is flowing correctly I now no longer have overheat issues But i now have cannot get hot issues, was out today for a good 50 miles 13c ambient and good not get the engine over 55c, saying that much rather have need to get it hot than get it cool issues, Just to fit a remote bypass stat and all will be good.

I did address the brakes today and much much happier with them, the car has the standard beetle M/C and Golf brakes with EBC Green stuff and drilled and grooved disks the brakes as per was somewhat wooden, took me back to when I used to own a breadvan polo which is non servo as well, I moved the pushrod on the pedal 1/4 inch closer to the pedal pivot point and M/C to keep everything in line and now the brakes are what i would expect a little more pedal travel but now powerfull and progressive. nice free upgrade.
Tiger Super6 4AGE throttle bodies, Speeduino
Been through the process of side wind deflectors. Made several, each one a bit larger, some like elephant ears. Found the wind always crept round the end where ever it was. Would need to be past your ears to work. Ended up making new doors with Lexan tops that end just past my head/ears and work fine.
vji4058 Wrote:Been through the process of side wind deflectors. Made several, each one a bit larger, some like elephant ears. Found the wind always crept round the end where ever it was. Would need to be past your ears to work. Ended up making new doors with Lexan tops that end just past my head/ears and work fine.

Do you have any pictures of the doors you made

Thank You
Tiger Super6 4AGE throttle bodies, Speeduino