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Tiger Storm
Hi All! My name's Dave and I'm based in Southampton.

Thought I'd post up about my car. I've got one of the Storm's, the black one, built by neil_j.

I bought it in 2020 at the start of the lockdown, as a replacement for the Robin Hood I had before. It popped up on Facebook market place as "Sold Pending Collection". On the off chance that I may fall thru, I messaged the seller, and lo and behold, the sale fell thru! As it was lockdown, I couldn't actually go and see the car, so I put faith in the sellers description and handed over the cash and sent a courier. I'm glad I did, the car is awesome!!

It's certainly a testament to Neil's workmanship, it's fantastically put together and great fun to drive! I've currently got it off the road as I'm fitting a set of bike carbs and a Nodiz ignition ECU.

This is where you guys now may be able to help. I'm looking for the other two Storms. I know the location of the metallic green one, it's at a classics dealer in Essex, but I can't find the yellow one. The logbook for it was reissued in May 2019, so hopefully it's still around? If anyone knows of it, any info would be great.

I'm hoping that next year becomes a little easier for meets and shows and such, and I'm hoping to get the Storm out to a lot of them!!

[Image: Screenshot-20210830-220346-Instagram.jpg]
[Image: IMG-20210830-134918-967.webp]
[Image: 20210524-095655.jpg]
[Image: 20200702-111844.jpg]
[Image: 20200613-050058.jpg]
[Image: 20200613-053940.jpg]
[Image: 20200613-054223.jpg]
Hi and welcome, I always fancied the Storm but was persuaded to go for a Cat instead at about the same time as Neil built his. I have seen your car and the others for sale at various times but have always been in a position not able to buy. The yellow car was the demonstrator and later bought by one of the guys at Tiger but I don't know where it went from there, besides these three I believe there was also one other kit sold as I almost bought an unstarted kit from a guy in Lincolnshire but the deal fell through for some reason I can't remember and then I lost track of it.
Keith Aviemore yet again, was Suffolk again
was Aviemore, Scotland
Was Cotton, Suffolk