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floor mounted pedals - OBP Victory+
Hi all,

I'm looking to get a bit more legroom in my Avon as my legs start to struggle after an hour of driving! My Sierra pedals have already been cut and shut to go as close to the bulkhead as possible, and my seat is fixed as far back as possible. So I guess that leaves me with changing to floor mounted pedals!

OBP have a Black Friday 20% sale on (until 29th Nov), which seems too good to pass on if they're any good.

I think my only reasonable option on the market is the OBP Victory+ pedal set (link, includes 2 master cylinders and bias bar), plus 2 reservoirs (link) and feed hoses (link) - comes to £293 with shipping and the Black Friday discount.

Has anyone had any good or bad stories to report with this OBP kit? I've read a few forum posts from years ago, but they are for slightly older designs and they have mixed reviews.

Unfortunately, at 260mm wide, the CompBrake kit (link) looks too wide for the Avon (240mm between vertical chassis members at the bulkhead). OBP kit reported at 240mm.

I'm aware it's quite a big job (should have done this during the initial build) and now just thinking about the steps involved, I'm having my doubts as to whether to do it! Also a little worried I won't be able to send anything back if I have to fettle the mounting plate and later not happy with the product etc.

Any advice welcome!
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I swapped my Avon pedals to floor mounted but it was many years ago! As you say, it's a reasonable job but its all possible. The other thing I changed was the brake light switch. I went from a physical switch to a pressure switch in the brake lines as that was the easiest option.
Tiger Super Six (now Avon!)
Cheers Mark.
I am leaning towards buying, especially with the 20% discount.
That'll hopefully force me to get it done over the winter, otherwise I'll be without a fun toy in the summer!

Thanks for the tip on the brake pedal switch. Might see if I can make a bracket up for the existing mechanical switch once everything is roughly in place.
Tiger Avon | 2.0 Blacktop Zetec | GSXR1000 TBs | Microsquirt v3
No problem, let us know how it goes Smile
Tiger Super Six (now Avon!)