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Kent Tigers
I am a new Tiger owner and was looking at Tiger clubs of which there seem to be none for Kent. A few years ago looked at joining Kent Kit Car Club with a previous '7' but seems to be run by a complete 'Knob head'. (may have changed now)

Are there any other clubs or regular Tiger meets in Kent. Would be interested in meeting other tiger owners!!

Will be going to Brands Hatch on the 14th October for Kit car live show.
Plug, I'm in Gillingham so I'll be at Brands then too, whether or not the car will be is another matter![Image: anxious.gif]
Mine will be there subject to the weather!!! Always 10 degrees colder and wetter at Brands.

Are you still building then??

Hi guys,

I'm in Rochester and will be at Brands also. Would be good to meet up with some local tiger owners. Hope to see you soon.

Not in Kent but will be going down to Brands for the Tiger race series on the 9th Sept (Saturday). Anyone going to that?

plug Wrote:Mine will be there subject to the weather!!! Always 10 degrees colder and wetter at Brands.

Are you still building then??


Yes still building, hoping to get finished this side of Christmas tho![Image: anxious.gif]:)
I'm in Canterbury and will be at BH Kit Car Live weather permitting. Why not turn up and support the tiger racing guys at Brands on the 9th September??

It is a good all round race day with lots of interesting cars there. Park on the south bank parking - as long as you take care on the bridge cross overs as they weren't built for anything with 3" clearance!! Would be v happy to get something going for the odd weekend as a get together/blat now and again as I don't see many tigers out this far east (and i'm out every dry weekend......)

Looks like I may have started something here. A few more and we have our self a posse!!!!!

Will try and go on the 9th Sept, work permitting (self employed).Perhaps anyone who is interested in going we could arrange to meet somewhere beforehand, say a local cafe for breakfast, and then on to Brands.

I am definitely up for the odd weekend meet as I get a bit bored on my own blasting around. Pitty I didn't do this a few months ago whilst the weather was good!!

Hey Guys,

Am in Maidstone, will be at Brands on the 14th Oct.

As for the 9th (subject to work as always) - what do you think about meeting up at the cafe at the bottom of Wrotham Hill? (M26/M20 junction)

Failing that perhaps we should organise a meet one night? pub somewhere in the middle?
Hi - The cafe your talking about is the Oakdene. Just down the road from me. Have to be carefull of the car park as it has holes big enough to swallow a Tiger!!!

It has got a big lay by opposite but you could not keep an eye on the cars!

As for a pub meet, sounds good to me. Just up the road a bit (500yrds) from the cafe,right on a bend heading up towards Wrotham Hill is the Moat, just been refurbished and with a big car park Orange juice all round thou.