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Barston Heath Sprint Day 31st May
There are still some spaces left, but not many.
£70 per driver and £40 per second driver to be paid to Laura at Tiger by April 20th, a bit early possibly, but we have to pay the money to the RAFMSA to ensure we have our booking

We have the offer of a Sprint day at Barkston Heath
31st May
Likely cost £70
Obviously as this is a track day no official timing will be alowed, but as with other events I have been involved in 'style' points will be awarded.
Sadly, due to the electonic measuriing system in use at Barkston, these 'style' points can only be represented in minutes seconds and tenths :excellen:

To make this a viable day we need a minimum of 20 drivers at £70 each.

We need all those interested to respond by the end of February.
If we fail to get 20 drivers interested by that time it will not go ahead

Names and Numbers for Barkston Heath

18Mrs Wilcox
118Geoff Wilcox
35Ed Fuller
1Giles Cooper
2Chris Davison
12Chris Davison 2nd Driver John Gibson
3Ben Payne - Elise
4Mervyn Garner
5Dave Sneesby
6Malc Brown
7Niall Turner
17Matt Gregory
117Matt Gregory 2nd Driver
16Paul Curtis
116Paul Curtis 2nd Driver Mark Bloodworth
19Paul Browning
119Paul Browning+ 2nd Driver Mark Browning
20Chris Gray
21Justin Rancins
22Martin Johnson
23Pete Codd
123Pete Codd 2nd Driver Rod Howes
24Pete Coe
26Malcolm Keeley
27James Marshall
28Tony Parker
29Ben Lloyd
129Ben Llloyd 2nd driver Mark Mathews
30Hannah Davies, Cobra replica
25Joey Brown RAFMSA Metro
39John Holmes RAFMSA Metro
10Aiden Holmes RAFMSA Metro

We have nearly reached the magic number of 20.
Will all those on the list please email me so I can put a proper list together for further information and contact details.
Every one driving will obviously need a serviceable crash helmet, it DOES NOT have to be race spec at all, but full face is obviously prefered.
A set of overalls will be required as well. These DO NOT have to be race spec. However, they must be a minimum of 100% cotton and clean ie washed, no oil or stinking of petrol etc. welders overalls etc are ideal.
Gloves if you feel the cold are fine, no restrictions.
Shoes, no restrictions.

A inexpensive and smart set can be had from the link below.

Anyone travelling who needs a place to camp on the Friday or Saturday night should look at the link below.
I have stayed several times, the on site pub does good beer and food at reasonable prices. There are proper showers and toilets.
The site is 1 mile from Barkston Heath track, petrol station and shop half a mile.

An ideal chance to get together, have a bbq, drink beer, tell lies and kick tyres.
I assume the sprint track - if so count me in.
I'm in for that one!

Should be able to get at least one or two more owners from the Peterborough area - I will let you know tomorrow.

got my name down

2 more names for you
Chris Davison - Tiger
Ben Payne - Elise

- I have sent you an email

Could be interested Jack, any other intersting stuff turning uo?
nothing is currently "turning uo" but if it does I'll let you know.

Had a look at your car today, clean the gravel out you grubby racing driver you Big Grin
JohnTigerCub Wrote:PS
Had a look at your car today, clean the gravel out you grubby racing driver you Big Grin

Didn't find any marshalls lodged in the front wings then?
take a look you speed demons, this is starting to fill up